atl::virginia highland

This weekend Keith and I finally got the chance to do a bit of exploring. Since Atlanta is filled with many unique neighborhoods we decided to begin with the wonderfully charming

Virginia Highland

This area reminds me a great deal of Melrose, Venice and Silverlake all rolled into one. It is home to fabulous restaurants and spas, cute boutiques, cool neighborhood taverns, coffee houses and plenty of live music. I have to say...I fell just a little bit in love...take a look

youngblood (my fave)


Anonymous said...

Lucky you! It looks like a fabulous place. You will have so much fun exploring.I'm green with envy girl!

bananafish said...

you know...now that I'm here I realize just how much there was to see and do in my neighborhood in LA. I guess when you've been someplace for so long you forget that sometimes it's nice to play the tourist. It's surprising how many gems are waiting for discovery in your own backyard:)

I think that would be a cool perspective...someone rediscovering their own neighborhood.