open letter sunday

Dear persons who see the need to explain what I should be learning from the current economic crisis,

You can just stop chastising me for my American greed and inability to control my credit card usage...to you I say... Um yeah...I wasn't the one rolling in a Benz, I was the one in the leased Toyota Corolla, and incidentally...being so happy that your kids are learning the importance of sacrifice only makes sense when said sacrifice involves them having to hop two city buses to use the computer at the city library...not just going upstairs and using the one in dad's freshly redecorated office that was paid for with his bonus from Lehman Bros or Bear Stearns before the shit hit the fan.



The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

Huh? Did I miss something?

bananafish said...

Ha, no. This was just my somewhat sarcastic response to all the recent talk about the economy in the US. It isn't directed at any one person...I just found it amusing that all the same people enjoying the housing boom a few years ago (not me). Are now chastising and lecturing those of us that didn't really benefit at all.

Sometimes it's better to vent in a nice fake letter:)

The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

I was wondering!
Thanks for clarifying that... .
There was an article in last Sunday's NYTimes about what happened to the Japanese economy when everyone got superfrugal. Did you by any chance see it?
Anyway, I guess the question is: where/how to strike a healthy balance?