a love list of sorts

despite all the doom and gloom surrounding us these days...this self proclaimed control freak is learning how to seriously let go. Really, it's just an illusion that we have the ability to control anything. What we do have are four seconds of freedom when we determine how we will respond. So...as long as the world keeps spinning my response is to keep on keepin on.

now on to the list:

Orla Kiely at Target...yes I restrained myself and purchased another set of unnecessary dishtowels.

I love paper and plates...this is a lovely combo.

I will soon be in possession of this very cool poster.

The How design annual. Need I say more.

Is this the last issue? I don't know. I just want to cradle it in my arms a bit longer before I devour it.

These prints. I got this one for my kitchen


this site.

this line of paper

and this one. Usually i'm not that into shabby...but I like what I like and I love this.

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