weekend update

so is it cool to do a recap on Tuesday? I know it's usually a Monday thing...but Monday just came and went a little too fast. True to my word I spent the weekend doing all the things I planned...including a few hours working at the store on Saturday. I laughed, I took plenty of pictures and I made stuff. Mostly minijournals that I have yet to photograph and list in the shoppe. Having the books around certainly inspired me to actually print my pictures and write things down. I never realized that the small amount of preparation would actually free up my creativity so much. I think I might hold on to a few which is a bit counterproductive as far as the business of selling books go, but super-productive as far as documenting my life goes.

I have a few other ideas for other things I want to make, but I'm only halfway serious about this right now. Mostly I am looking for ways to recycle and reuse all the product I've stored up and maybe make a little money in the process. Three cheers for Handmade!

I've just completed my little journal and will be adding a flickr link a bit later.

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