adventures in scherenschnitte

what the heck is that super long word pronounced (shear-n-SNIT- a). It's a German word that basically means paper-cutting or scissor snipping depending on who you ask. Wikipedia says it was founded in Germany, but according to my intel it all began in China, made its way over the Silk Road, and found its way to Europe.

This is my before attempt:

...and the result:

Don't be too impressed, actually don't be impressed at all. My example is amateur at best. I'm working my way up to this...my paper cutting hero Rob Ryan.

moving on...a new little addition to the shoppe:

yup, chipboard buttons. I feel like I should be walking down the street with a wheelbarrow shouting "buttons, get your handmade buttons." Yeah, probably not...but they're cute, right? edited to add: all buttons now sold. I will adding more on Monday:)

let the weekend commence


Little Dickens Designs said...

Well, regardless I AM impressed! I love German words too. They say exactly what they are! Efficient, my German ancestors and brethren are!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Your scherenschnitte piece is lovely. You have a good hand for it. jan