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my new computer. It came today and I have been lovingly caressing the keys ever since. I know, I know, it's just an inanimate object, but it can't be helped. I am marveling at the lovely backlit keys and wondering how I ever typed without them. It's still a little naked without the creative suite but instead of adding my bootleg new to me CS3 set, Keith taked me into getting the brand spanking new CS4. I'm happy about that, but damn it's expensive. I could buy a new camera with that, actually I could buy a car with that...granted it would be a crappy car, but a car all the same. It's all good though...that's what tax write offs are for.

In other non computer based news. I am currently working on the next shop update. I will be adding some sneaks later this week and I hope to have everything ready by the 1st...but we'll see. I'll be sure to let you know for sure.

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2 Hearts B 1 Designs said...

Congrats sweety on the new computer.
What fun you'll have creating pretty paper goodness. I can't wait to see!
Miss your sweet face! xoxo