new minibook
update:minibook is now sold

I'm not sure that's a word, but lately I have been inspired by so much newness around me. I love this time of year. Even though it will probably be hot well into September, I can feel fall right around the corner. That means back to school (for some), changing leaves, cooler crisper weather and another birthday. It also means that the swimsuits are going on clearance to make room for all the new fall attire. I love fall fashion, decor, colors, you name it, I'm a sucker for fall. But...in an effort to not get too ahead of myself I still intend to enjoy every last bit of summer.

Speaking of new, I added a few new products to the shop with more to come later this week. I have to say, after being dormant for over a year I wasn't sure I was going to revisit the whole etsy thing. I was busy and things were changing and I just wasn't feeling it. But once we moved and I had my space set up to my liking, old ideas started bubbling up and I was ready to make stuff again. I have enjoyed modest success...and I stress the word modest since I just started back up again, but I have managed to sell everything included in my first round. So to all of you who have made purchases...thank you. I am trying to streamline the process so I can do an adequate update every few weeks, but I don't want to go nuts...so for now, I will update bit by bit. My book of ideas is overflowing. I wish I had time to make everything, but for now, I don't.


Look for some posts next week showing how I have incorporated these products into my own crafty projects.


The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

What awesome stuff! Write.Click.Scrapbook has a whole series of posts on minibooks this week, fyi.
Hey, you might be able to guide me here: I want to buy two pretty camera straps (for DSLR cameras)--I see scrapbookers with them--I think they're usually handmade and on Etsy. One for me, one as a gift. Can you point me in a direction?

bananafish said...

I'm in the market for a new strap as well and I've had my eye on one in this shop. She has wrist straps as well.


Dariela said...

Very cute stuff France! Love it!
Do you have special technique to advertise your shop in Etsy? We haven't been able to sell there at all, I wonder if we're doing something wrong?

oh, hello friend. said...

OH MI, i LOVEEEEEE vintage paper and ledger paper and cute patterns + prints and these tags are AMAZING! :)

i think i'll have to order some for the lovely package swap ;)

scrapandthecity said...

i like these! will you be making something with the girl with the ponytail silhouette on it. i love that. off to check out your shop!