I'm not completely sold

yes, I think that would aptly describe how I feel about this contraption. I'm still trying to decide on the merits of the yudu so I wasn't prepared for such a groundbreaking new product. To what am I referring you might ask? Well, although I didn't attend CHA this year, there is quite a bit of buzz surrounding this Letterpress kit. It is designed to work in conjunction with the Quickutz new diecut/embossing machine...which I don't own incidentally.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. For years I have worked in the high end stationery business and have become very familiar with the art known as letterpress. I have at times loved it and at other times found it to be expensive and boring. The industry is certainly saturated so I see much of the same, but that is purely a design issue. It doesn't take away from the lovely, tactile quality which would remain no matter what. I have long wondered when some brilliant fellow or gal would come up with a way to reinvent the process so letterpress lovers would not have to bother with expensive clunky machines. A way for regular folks to enjoy what many find simply out of their reach.

It isn't rocket science. The tutorial looks rather basic. I haven't actually seen it demonstrated and have no intention of investing in this kit until I've heard a bit more about it, but, should folks with their great big heidelbergs be worried? Will this drive the price down...will letterpress somehow become less special? Not yet...but of course it was just a matter of time before some industrious folks came up with a way to recreate the process. We can not stand in the way of progress...nor should we seek to. My final opinion will have to wait since the machine will not be released until fall...just in time for holiday cards. Imagine...a world in which we can create our own letterpress cards and such from the comfort of our rather cramped apartments...I have goosebumps.


oh, hello friend. said...

i just bought a c&p pilot press :) while this sounds like a cool concept, there is just something special in the old presses, i say!

i'm not worried, hehe.

ps: i just partnered you with someone for the swap! ;)

bananafish said...

i agree. I think there is something charming about the old presses and I am impressed by those who have learned to use them. Look forward to seeing what you create.