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When I first started making mini journals to sell I never thought about how or where they would end up. I just knew that I wanted them to be more than paper. I wanted to create a kit. Something that even an inexperienced crafter would enjoy putting together...something compact that could be assembled at the park, at the beach...or even sitting on the living room floor. From time to time a past customer will email and say...hey, France, guess what? I'm all done. And when that happens, my heart swells. Really and truly.

Lacy was kind enough to purchase one of my books and I just found out today that she is all done. Words alone cannot do it justice so go and pay her a visit. Even if you don't scrapbook, even if you don't make mini's. Lacy, I am officially inspired.

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Lacy said...

Thank you so so much for your kind words!! It made me smile so much!

And I'm so glad you enjoy making minibook kits!--I enjoy filling them! :)