the 411

The shop update will be Wednesday, September 9th @ 3:00pm EST. It will be the final update of the summer and will include more mini's of course as well as new ledger tag designs, more journal cards and some other things finding there way into my own recent projects.

Speaking of projects, I received a question about the labels from the previous post. Someone wanted to know how I cut notches into the notched labels. She said whenever she did them with scissors they didn't look quite right. I get that, since the same happens to me. I own a notch punch, but it only really works for one size so it doesn't get much use. My preferred method is a standard hole punch. It's super easy and happens to be a tool many of us already have on hand. I'm sure this is a common practice, but I stumbled upon it a few years ago and have been doing it ever since with all sorts of circle punches, but for the labels...the standard one works best for me.

Once I cut out the label I put a tiny little dot in the center of the corner...it's kinda hard to see in the pic, but it's there.

then...using, my standard size whole punch, I position it so the top of the circle part extends no further than the little dot. (i'm essentially punching half a circle instead of a whole circle)

and there you have it. If you want larger notches just use a larger circle punch.

Stop by tomorrow for some update peeks:)


Anonymous said...

My baby is a genius. love you! -k

pam said...

Such an easy idea, I wondered the same thing! Thanks!!!