"you know sweetie, you can't think of everything"

my response to that...why not? Roughly 6.5 hours after the packers have departed, I sit amid a sea of around 70 boxes shaking my head at the discovery that I did indeed forget something. It's small...you will laugh, but I'm not laughing. That will come later. Right now I'm upset that I left my camera charger plugged in and it is now living at the bottom of a dark box wondering how it ended up in such a sad lonely place. It's probably being squished by the crockpot and other items, but unfortunately after tearing open four boxes and coming close to undoing what has thankfully been done...I just had to let it go. I'm not going to worry about it. I'm going to preserve what battery life I have left for walk-throughs and important stuff like that and await the day when we are happily reunited.

Tomorrow the movers come. Ugh, I'm ready to be done with this.

edited to add: said charger was discovered at the bottom of author's purse. It was placed there prior to her house hunting trip last week and then forgotten. Apologies to all who might have been on the receiving end of the perpetrator's bad attitude. A kindly note: check purse first.

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Dariela said...

This is so funny France. I can see this happening to me exactly!! Glad you found it in your purse!!