I got up early to a thirsty dog and a thin sliver of light coming through my heavy hotel curtains. That's where I am. A hotel. It's actually extended stay suites. There's a livingroom, a bedroom, a kitchen...everything you would need. The comforts of home and the comforts of a hotel. They also serve breakfast and dinner. I may not want to leave, but I will in about two weeks.

I got up around 7:20 which is pretty late considering I'm still on east coast time. But I needed the sleep. It's been the longest two weeks ever, but I'm here and everyone is safe. I can hear the pure joy in the voices of my parents and I feel their love even at a distance. Missing them was a full time thing. The two hour plane ride is going to be nice.

I'm waiting for Keith to get dressed so we can partake of the free breakfast buffet in the lobby. I already took Akira on a long walk so I'm feeling spry and ready for the day. I probably won't do much, but I feel eager to be doing something.

I must say thank you to each and every one of you who wished me well, who called, emailed and left kind comments. Changes like this, while welcome, can also be scary and trying. I am happy to report that things went really well...but I'm not planning another move for quite some time:)

The photo above is the view from my temporary bedroom. Tomorrow I will go and get the keys to our brand new home and the waiting game begins for our stuff to make the slow trek across the country.

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