wednesday recap

I am happy to report that Keith enjoyed a very good first day of work. He has his own office and a door he can actually open and close, which is always nice. I did the walk through of our place on Monday morning and I still have no clue what to do in the living room. It's just this big 600sf space that I will be dividing into a living/office space. It's like a loft but without the super high ceilings. It's also a rental so that limits what I can do. I'm not complaining, truthfully I am happy to be confronted with this sort of design dilemma and eager to begin problem solving.

On Tuesday I did a lot of walking. I had to get Akira out of the room so housekeeping could take care of their business. We went for a short hike in our new neighborhood. I love that I have a library, a trader joe's and a great coffee shop all within walking distance. The downside=no Target. I mean it exists, but nowhere near me. Nothing like Atlanta where you couldn't turn around without bumping into a Target. Also...there aren't very many chain stores...which is different in a good way. After returning to my temporary lodgings and depositing a worn out dog, I headed back out and up the hill a bit. Keith told me about a bookstore since I finished the book I brought with me and was in need of something new. I didn't find the one he told me about, but I did discover Mercer Street Books and found quite a few treats mostly consisting of oldies but goodies. Am I the only one that reads old books over and over the way one would watch a classic movie? I wonder.

Once Keith came home he and I made another trek up the hill to visit Blockbuster and rent Sunshine Cleaning which I've heard really good things about. I also rented Obsessed which I almost didn't cop to, but hey, I'll keep it real. We had Thai for dinner at a little restaurant called Phuket...the Tom Kah soup was heavenly...the pad thai was meh and a little too spicy for my taste.

I took today off as my allergies have been causing me a great deal of problems and the medication I take for it leaves me feeling lethargic. Tomorrow I plan to visit Monkey Love rubber stamps and Hilltop Yarn. I promise to share my discoveries.

the view from our hotel room bed. It's AMAZING. Our view at our new place consists of the condo next door so we are savoring this.

a super cute book I picked up.

across the street from Mercer Street Books last night

my local public library

a sleeping dog in a king size bed. she is loving the space...i keep telling her not to get used to it

my first self portrait in the bathroom mirror of my new home


alexkeller said...

looks fantastic! and target delivers :) you'll enjoy the things within walking distance so much more. miss that about living in a city.

Dariela said...

How exciting is to be in a new environment and discover everything around you. Little independent shops??? You're in heaven! Keep us posted France!

Sara said...

I am enjoying so much following you around the country. I like your new home--at least what I know through your blogging, I haven't ever been there and have always wanted to--wish I could join you at one of those local places, I could use a nice talk with France these days.