moving along...

now that I have experienced:

receiving the largest cash gift ever (thanks mom)

an iphone (sheesh)

a christmas day kickball game

countless hugs

spending two holidays back to back with my family...

I am pretty much set to enter the new year the same way I entered it last year. Satisfied.

It was a glorious holiday filled with all of my favorites.

I am not prone to melancholy the way some are this time of year. Perhaps I am growing a tiny bit wiser with the passage of time, but I haven't the energy for sadness or regret. The universe has been good to me and it urges me to be good to myself. I have decided against choosing a word for 2010, rather I will just do and say what comes naturally. I think I may follow suit with some other blogs I've seen and create my own reel of 2009 highlights. That will come a little later this week. till then

keep well

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The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

I love this quietly (as in subtly) optimistic post.