ok so it's kinda lame but...

everybody's doin it. That's righto...I am referring to the end of year recap, which Keith despises incidentally. He wouldn't even watch the Real Sports recap. He'll watch the VH1 crap...but since it's not really end of year stuff he's okay with it. Luckily, I go my own way when it comes to recaps and I like'em. I'm not going to do a whole decade thing becomes I'm old man and that would just take too long...so here is 2009 in pictures:


Happy New Year Italian style

Sleepy man and dog

Georgia aquarium the day after New Year's

nap fest 09


final domino:(

my lovely atl office/craft room

junk hunting in Virgina Highland

Happy Anniversary to me...chicken n dumplings at Haven


Holy smoke...that's snow

atlantic station.

my first and only knitting workshop at Knitch. I made a hat, it sucked. the end.

W for Walden, our condo community...also for Wisniewski. How convenient.

Super visit. super.


the interview

my buddies at the Chattahoochee

Two Urban Licks. Loud and way too cool for me. The mac and cheese was yum though.

my family visits and we take this pic in Little 5 Points were my nephew swore some guy stared him down


Piedmont Park. So hot and humid that my feet were sweating in my flip flops.

the month of Mad Men. Hooked. Need I say more?

Oh glorious tater tots and flank steak. How I miss thee (or is it thou)?

I made Keith promise to never let me cut my hair this short again.

maxin and relaxin on the balcony.


one of many many mini's

the view from our kitchen window. It didn't just look like a jungle...it sounded like one.


yup. that's the flood of September. I never knew Atlanta rained so much. Geez.

Here's that amazing Flank steak.


My birthday dinner and our final big night out in the ATL...we didn't know what was coming

that's what was coming. a new job. a new city. a new life.

across the country and unpacking boxes again. Less than a year later.

Exploring Ballard

a shiny new space to fill up

the sun sets in every city...but this one is special.


Thanksgiving=a surprise visit from my sister and all of us together for the first time in a year.

Touring with my family

all unpacked. finally.


Across the street.

bathroom self portrait.

Christmas at my mom's.

Fire in the fireplace at home.

even she's looking forward to 2010.

Hope your year was as happy and full as mine.


pam said...

Thanks for the recap. I wish I had been so organized with my pictures through the year. It's fun looking back.

Here's to what ahead!

Brittany W. said...

I am LOVING that craft room! I just moved to ATL not too long ago, so I love seeing your photos. I definitely have to visit Knitch... looks cool.