it may not be paper but whatevs...

It's what I'm working on, for now.

Once upon a time I had a teacher that would insist upon ending her sentences with a preposition.
Despite that nasty little habit, I also remember that she would crochet during recess. It seemed like an old person hobby. I guess everything seems that way when you're nine.

Since then I too have grown to love the rhythmic ins and outs and watching something slowly take form. It's not quite as hip as knitting nor is it as difficult to grasp. Since most of my pastimes require a certain amount of solitude, it fits my personality and gives me space to daydream without feeling completely useless.

So here's to crochet, to girls like me who love it and to guys who don't mind balls of yarn everywhere.


Diana said...

Pretty. Me likey. What's it intended for?

bananafish said...

Its purpose is two fold. First to use up all my unfinished balls of yarn and second as a birthday gift to my niece...hopefully she doesn't read this:) I still have a very long way to go.

Andie said...

oh my goodness that is lovely.