get busy livin or get busy dyin

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ok...so the title was a bit melodramatic, but it's the truth, no? If we aren't busy living our lives what are we doing exactly? Waiting? If so...for what? I'm not a very patient person so waiting does nothing for me. What I love so much about Ali's WITL project is that it helps me to focus on actively living. It is an interesting thing that happens when you decide to document your life. You begin to see the tiny everyday fragments that make up the landscape of your existence. In so doing, you find yourself very much aware of the living part of life.

Documenting artfully is not for everyone, but whether you do it with a camera, an instrument, a paintbrush or some paper and glue...I encourage everyone to take a week any week and observe yourself. Tell your story and live...live your heart out.

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Diana said...

You know, it's not until I read your take on WITL that I really thought it was worth doing. I have been thinking about if I would do it, and if I did it what it would look like, but it didn't occur to me that in just thinking about it you are thinking about how you live, what you do, what makes up your life. Wow. That's heavy. And good to think about...