time out

also known as the day I recorded my activities in iphone pics.

i usually begin my day like this

and it doesn't take long before i find myself wrapped up in crap like this. (the hazards of working from home)

take my pup out

head over to the post office

then the bank

oh...i took this while walking the dog

this one too

can you see that teeny tiny bird. If u look close you can find beauty everywhere.

went shopping and got this

and these

and these

oh and these too...sheesh...

then the weather started to turn on me

stopped here on my way home for the biggest sloppiest yummiest burger i've had in a long while.

Who knows when i'll give myself another time out but I'll be honest... I'm feeling rather generous.

i know the day's not over...but I will leave the rest shrouded in mystery.


Diana said...

Love the shoes, but are they comfortable (the first ones?)

Dianna said...

I want a time out too! Ha!

From your Moon River tweet, I gather the rest of your day was mighty nice also ; )

bananafish said...

hi diana. the answer to your question is NO. After walking around in them a bit they felt like tiny straight jackets for my feet. I should have known since that's kinda how they look. Suffice it to say, i took them back and am still on the lookout for the ultimate oxymoron. Comfy stilettos