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the Chattahoochee-summer09

in other words...how do you do almostsummer...pleasure to make your acquaintance...again. I can tell by the look on its face almostsummer is doubtful and doesn't buy my warm welcome for one second...i get it...up until now we haven't exactly been chummy.

So, allow me to fess... it is oh so true...i'm not a summer lover. Ever since mmmm...i dunno...infancy? Maybe...i'll consult my mother on that one for confirmation, but yes, I think I can trace my beef with summer back to those early days of being hot and sweaty. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley which is a veritable heatbox located in Southern California. I was literally raised among burning sidewalks. Yes, the ones you can fry an egg on, although i will admit to never actually trying. Ours is a dry heat. Not quite as suffocating as Arizona and only marginally better than summer in Atlanta. My youth was spent jockeying for position in front of the air conditioner.

So why this post? Why blather on about a few short months I don't really like anyway? Well...i've decided that this year, I WILL LOVE IT if it kills me. Perhaps that has to do with living in Seattle where the weather right now can be compared to winter in LA. Maybe it has to do with spending last summer in the hottest of hotlanta and emerging with a smallish tan and a healthy like of summer. Maybe after 30 something years i'm simply getting over it. I'm sure summer will be pleased as punch to know that I am ready for a truce...a love fest truth be told...so hello weekend...hello holiday, hello almostsummer...i hate to say it...but i kinda missed you.

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