i can dance if i wanna

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purely for informational purposes and to get it out of the way...the title of this post has very little to do with where it's going or at least where i think it's going.

that said. HAPPY JUNE!

yup, it's june...not that anyone in the pacific northwest would know that since it's still rainy and kinda cold. Maybe that should be getting me down, but it's not. To be perfectly straight up, i'm down right chipper these days. maybe that's a combo of daily exercise, vitamins and eating right but i'm feeling good ya'll. real good.

Everyday, i'm reminded of why i should maybe feel not so good. All that oil washing up on the shores of Louisiana. The state of my people. My relatives. My ancestors. Not to mention countless other things big and small.

But I can't be unhappy. Mostly because i just don't want to be.

This doesn't mean that i'm never in a crappy mood. It just means it's temporary. Really temporary.

everyday there exists a reason to smile...some days you just have look a bit harder to find it, but it's there. so find it godammit.

my grandpa use to tell me that there are two things that should never ever get you down:

the weather and other people

why? cuz you can't control either one

tru dat

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Diana said...

True indeed. I try to teach my little girl that, as I wish someone had taught me that years ago (before I wasted so much energy fretting about what other people did/said/thought).
Yay for feeling up regardless.