it's officially official

atlanta...summer 2009

happy summer!

lots going on here: work, life, fun

none it vastly interesting to anyone but me:)

k and i found out a couple weeks ago that are beloved dog is dying. we are both trying to deal with something that hasn't happened yet. i constantly have a lump in my throat the size of a bowling ball. but she is a happy dog...still...even though she is tired and can no longer walk down the steps....my beloved akira musters enough strength to wag her tail every single day...and if she can do it, so must I. i am resigned to the fact that if my baby must depart she will do so amidst sunshine, ice cream and an enormous amount of petting.

so that's it. my poor little etsy has been relegated to the rear burner...i haven't seen friends in weeks cuz i won't leave my best girl, and my only view of the outside world is through my window...and this computer of course. i have some fun travel plans for next month, but i don't quite know how things are gonna shake out. i'm taking things day by day. so even if it's still a bit dreary here in seattle...my spirits are still ok...i know i can find summer if i really look for it.

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stamp said...

so sorry to read about your dog. they are so much part of your family, aren't they?

enjoy every last second together.

all the very best!