a kinda sorta redesign

I have been neglecting the blog in favor of doing other stuff. That's the truth. Not that other stuff translates into super exciting, fabulous activities. Just life. A bit of work. Family visit. Touristy type things, and a pint size redecorating project.

Remember when I told you about my super big living room and I showed you this picture:

Well, that was almost a year ago and I didn't have the foggiest notion how I would proceed. I just knew that I no longer had a craft space. No extra bedroom to transform into the studio of my dreams like Atlanta or Westwood. I was going to have to get clever and yet my vision or lack thereof never panned out and I ended up doing the whole "my dining room will be my studio" thing. That was a horrible idea because I hate sitting down to craft and the table...the first thing you come across when entering our place, was always a spectacular mess.

My creativity suffered. I focused on non paper activities and even my little etsy shop got swallowed up in my rut.

Keith's family visit gave me the excuse I needed to finally address some design dilemmas that had been plaguing me for months. Here's what I knew:

•I wasn't going to paint. (this is a rental and I couldn't be bothered, plus I like the creamy neutral beige)

•No new furniture. I didn't want this to be an expensive remake. I wanted to use what I had.

•I had to begin my doing a major PURGE. This was no halfway endeavor.

•I wanted a dedicated craft space

so here's what I did:

I hightailed it to Ikea and picked up these trestle legs and this table top...all in white. I also picked up the lack coffee table for 19.95. Total cost: a smidge over $100.

Ready for the big reveal?

this is a picture taken from roughly the same spot as the top photo:

here's a shot of behind the couch/new craft area:

close up of the desk and the lack coffee table that fit perfectly underneath:

all I can say is... I love it. I have already used it and it is working marvelously. I had to move around some of my supplies for convenience but I am so very happy with the outcome. The light, the space, the height of the desk is perfect. And the MAJOR craft purge has made it so much easier to create. No more endless decisions. It has even changed the way I purchase supplies.

To see more photos of the room go here


Diana said...

I like! My dream is to have a craft space in the family room like this.
No chair at all? Where do you put your computer?

bananafish said...

no chair. i craft standing up. my main computer is a laptop that goes where i go. I usually do computer stuff while sitting on the couch

pam said...

Looks fabulous! I love those desks from IKEA. Where did you get the picture over your fire place? Love it!

bananafish said...

i got that canvas on sale at World Market...my go to place for cool relatively inexpensive art