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my holiday decorating

my favorite boots

walking in my neighborhood

boat tour of the sound

first fire of the season

October started off with a bang and has not let up. This is my favorite month, not just because I get to celebrate another year of living, it heralds the beginning of autumn and Halloween and sweater wearing and I just adore it.

It has been breathtaking here in Seattle. Keith and I have been here almost one year and I still can't get over what a beautiful city this is. Especially now, with the crisp breeze coming off the sound and the leaves slowly changing. I love walking in the evening as the air fills with the smell of dinners being made and fires being lit. I know I must sound a bit Thoreau-ish, but this time of year always feels magical to me, and I suspect to many of you based on all the yummy fall inspired blog posts I have read lately.

This has also been a month of visitors. Keith's bestie from college and a GIANT birthday surprise visit from my mom. I love visitors because it gives me the chance to explore and see this city as a tourist...which I still sort of am. This week has been sort of quiet compared to the last two which is good because I needed to work. Truth be told, I've been a bit of a shut in this week, spending my days being diligent and my nights crocheting and catching up on tv shows. I'm currently reading this and it is amazing. I find myself reading slowly just to draw it out. I fancy myself quite the historian in another life. Spending my days among dusty tomes and characters long gone. Perhaps that is what I will do in my retirement...if I get that far:)

The pictures above are from last week. As you can see that lone pumpkin is the extent of my holiday decorating so far.

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