slow down January

this began as a rather detailed post. It was my intention to chronicle the last few weeks which were a bit challenging to say the least.

My family suffered a terrible loss on Christmas Day and I flew home in early January to be with them. I returned home last Monday with the flu and have been fighting it ever since. I'm just beginning to feel like myself again so if I owe you an email, or a phone call thanks for being patient.

In other news...I hope to open the shop again soon but I don't have a clear date just yet. In a week and a half I'm off to Miami for a little sunshine and visit with K's family.

This month is just flying by


Anne said...

Sorry for your loss during the Christmas holiday. Never easy on the survivors.

Be sure it's -ONLY- the flu! Our daughter's flu turned into bacterial pneumonia. 2011 has definitely brought on many challenges for many of us it seems!

Perseverence will see us through! :) Here's to a positive February for all!

Hopeful your on the mend and we'll see some of your lovely inspiration soon.

GOD Bless,

bananafish said...

thanks for the kind words Anne, I am feeling much better, but i will probably still schedule an appointment to see my doctor just to make sure.

jessica o'brien said...

i just popped over to your blog. i'm sorry to hear about your loss + difficult time. look forward to your return.