down to earth

image taken in Ft Lauderdale Jan.2011

Now that things have settled a bit I am trying to rediscover the joys of a simple routine. I have been going nonstop since late early this year and frankly, I'm tired of traveling. These days I'm focused on work, getting a few things out to people that have been patiently waiting and reconnecting with clients. It's difficult to create a sense of calm and order in the workplace when there is no "place." Being home is peaceful to me. Cleaning, organizing and maintaining lists give me a deep feeling of accomplishment.

Truth be told I have felt very flighty the last couple of months. I'm certain the traveling and family obligations have had something to do with that. Now that I'm home, I feel a need to recreate my space.

another confession:

my Christmas tree is still up. so are all the Christmas decorations.

It seems as though the moment I was unpacking from one trip I was repacking for another. That is not typical of my rather simple lifestyle. I'm not rolling in dough so I certainly can't afford endless travel. What this has to do with the Christmas tree? Who Knows? What I do know....it's still up. I have to go downstairs to the storage and drag all the containers back up and UGH. There are some things that just need to be placed at the bottom of my list and that is one of them.

In the meantime. I am answering emails. sending cards to friends who have been neglected, working on some wedding projects (yup, it's wedding season) and preparing the etsy shop for spring.

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