from the road:

Since I have been here, in what has become not just my hometown but one of my favorite cities I have kept myself quite busy. It is a strange thing to revisit the place you know so well only to discover that it is as familiar as it is distant. Growing in so many different directions that it can never be known completely. I know quite a few people who have no interest in the City of Angels and as a resident, I had little interest in it myself. This stay...a bit different from the rest, has afforded me the opportunity to know my city in a new way. Of course, this is only my LA...everyone has their own version.



Urbanic is a delightful shop on Abbot Kinney in Venice. If you love papers, cards and all manner of small lovely gifts this neighborhood is a wonderful place to start.


Mexican food. Well, any kind of food. I have visited all my favorite haunts as well as a few new to me spots...and I couldn't leave without a bit of pinkberry. Oh how I missed thee.


that is the only way to describe LA Live down by the Staples Center. I would call it a Timesquare Citywalk mashup. It was nice to visit, but probably more suited to tourists and teenagers.


yes, the location of said work might be beautiful and accompanied by a nice Beaujolais...but it is still work and must be done no matter where I am.


only spent time with this guy so far. I've been spending a lot of time with family this trip. Well, I guess that's every trip.

My mum.

My mom always seems to monopolize my visits. lunch downtown, dinners...you name it. I can't complain though...she's the number one reason I return so often.


Today is a work day so I will be spending the afternoon holed up in the hotel room clicking away on the computer. I am happy that K doesn't mind me tagging along on his business trips. Now that we don't have the pup, extended trips like these have become far more common and home seems like a far away thing.


Oh LA, my time with you is slowly coming to a close...that is until next time. Thanks for giving me such a lovely spot to daydream.


Diana said...

What happened to the dog? Did I miss something?

Andie said...

I miss that guy.

bananafish said...

hi Diana,

my pup passed away last July. I have missed her every day since but it has become far easier to travel since we no longer have to worry about her care while we are gone.