the weekender

 image taken by K at gas works 3.7.2011

the recent weekend has concluded with a few changes to the ye olde blog. I was getting rather tired of things and decided to mess around a bit. It all amounts to a few color shifts, really.

I suppose the real changes will become more obvious with time. You see, I have been decidedly undecided when it comes to this precious little piece of weblandia. I love blogging, I do, but sometimes feel that my super ordinary life does not merit such a space. Lately I have felt my commitment waning. It always seems as though either too many things are happening or not nearly enough things.

So I decided to attempt a correction.

#1. Determine if I really want to continue to blog. If not, this entire post is moot.

#2. Create a sense of order.

The answer to #1 is Yes. A resounding yes. I like spilling my thoughts into the great big void and I'm not yet prepared to give it up.

#2 required more thought. I took a look at some of my very favorite blogs to determine what it was that I liked so well. I tend to prefer those that blog daily even if it's short and simple. I love to look at images from everyday life. I enjoy the different perspectives, especially since I spend a great deal of my waking hours at home. I like blogs that are eclectic...a bit of this and that. It needn't be overly personal, but I appreciate honesty. Of course I like blogs that are well written. Ultimately, I like bloggers who share....ideas, links, creativity, pictures, projects and their lives.

This exercise helped me to see where my own blog came up short.

A lengthy stroll through my archives reminded me that I was once rather good at some of those things but not so good at others and, as of late, rather terrible at all. My last few entries have been somewhat redundant. Truth be told, I bore myself.

So...I've decided to create order from chaos and come up with a daily plan. Nothing novel or spectacular, just an aid so that I can more easily harness my blogging mojo and create a richer portrait of my life... if only for me.

Monday will be a recap of my weekend
Tuesday is for sharing projects
Wednesday is for weblove
Thursday will be my day in pictures
Friday will be for food/my quest to get healthy
Saturday will be shop news...if there is any
and even God rested on Sunday:)

That's a start, no? I figure, if I don't commit to this...then I needn't bother at all. I started blogging to journal my life and I love looking through my archives...the moves, apartment hunting, my beloved Akira, my craft spaces, my loves, my family...it's all here and I know that if I hadn't had a blog I wouldn't have documented any of it.

Ok...now, since it is Monday I will recap the weekend as promised:

Ipad 2: no...it was rainy, I didn't feel like waiting in line so I ordered it and will most likely receive it once I've forgotten about it.

New tennis shoes: have not arrived yet:(

Artist meeting: yes. Lisa Congdon at Assemble. She wears very cool glasses.

Out to dinner: yes, with the Crelps. We went to Shelter Lounge and it was divine.

Cocktails: yes, with Andrea where I proceeded to get tipsy all thanks to a James Mcavoy look alike

Cinema: Morning Glory (meh), Possession (i loved it), and Sister Wives (i can't help myself)

Reading: None

Weather: Gray

Christmas Tree: don't ask

Grade: B... mostly cuz of the tree

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mcscraps5 said...

I know the feeling! I wish I could commit to being a regular blogger, but I do it when I can. I guess I felt that my life is boring and who would care. But you don't have to blog for others, it can just be for you. If others enjoy it, great.
You might want to look over at Shimelle.com. She is having a new online class soon that relates exactly to your dilemma. It's called Blogging for Scrapbookers and pretty soon another extension to the class will be Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers. I'm in both and it has great ideas. It's just up to me to make the most of it now. Seems you are getting on track with your weekly schedule.