icon seals

 When I was young I would spend hours drawing simple images. They were always basic and I suppose could be attributed to my limited abilities as well as my love of Sanrio. When I was in fourth grade Hello Kitty was huge and I found myself accumulating an ever growing stash of pencil cases, notepads, sweet smelling erasers and colorful pens. Hello Kitty is really were my love of graphic iconography was born. I think that sweet little cat with the pink bow really was the beginning of a life long love affair with all things related to stationery.

 I decided to begin this week of crafts by sharing a few ways I put my icon seals to use. I actually made them some time ago, but never put them in the shop. They originally started out as stickers, but because of the tiny pinked edges I had an awful time getting the backing off and the edges would end up bent or ripped. So my QA department, consisting of myself, decided to set them aside and rethink them later.

Well later came this spring. I wanted an to create an embellishment that was both small and colorful. I redesigned them a bit adding a subtle graph background and decided to print them on cardstock. I am much happier with the results and have been using them quite a bit.

scrapbook layouts

birthday cards

envelope seals

now available HERE


PinkPug,INK. said...

love your return address stamp! (is it a stamp or printed?) did you design it too?

bananafish said...

it's a stamp that I had custom made. I did design it. Thanks!

Diana said...

A scrapbook layout!!!!
And I love it!!!!