craft accoutrement and a new business card

 This week on the blog I'm getting back to basics and just crafting up a storm. What I really wanted to do was show you how I incorporate my Bananafishstudio products into my own paper projects. I mean, that's how I started the etsy shop...by making things I wanted to use. I know it's hard to believe but back when I first started card making and scrapbooking there weren't very many paper companies making the types of vintage inspired products I love. Now it seems like everyone is doing it...but I made my own ledger tags almost 10 years ago and just figured it was easier and more fun to keeping making instead of buying. I especially love mixing vintage office supplies with more modern supplies like washi tapes and man oh man I have a major love affair with punches...anyway...here are my most beloved tools/supplies at the moment. As my crafting style and interests evolve, so does my supply list.

1. corner chomper: this thing will round corners on chipboard...I've even tried it on very thin wood

2. blending tool: yes, I sometimes like things to look a bit old...this tools along with the sponges helps

3. distress ink: really all ink, but I use this one sooo much. it's my favorite for creating a shabby look

4. stamps: I use a lot of stamps...mostly on cards, but I've started using them a lot more in minibooks

5. date stamp: this gets used on almost every scrapbook layout and goes with me for travel minis

6. thread: recently I have the need to sew on everything...mostly a quick little machine stitch

7. clear ruler: this one has a thin metal edge so I can see through it and use it with my exacto

8. craft knife: I do own two tonic guillotine trimmers, but nothing is better or more accurate than this

9. small tonic scissors: I should tie these around my neck. I use them so much yet they are always           getting lost under stacks of paper

10. washi tape: I am trying to incorporate more of these tapes. I have a healthy stash and I need to use it

11. tape runner: I've used a million different kinds and always return to this one

12. butterfly paper punch: any punch really...but this one gets a LOT of use.

13. sharpie fine point: I do all my writing with this. I just love it and it's acid free

14. buttons: I love using these for little pops of color...I just bought a die cut so I can make my own out of chipboard.

15. tiny attacher: who doesn't like a stapler that attaches with teeny tiny staples

So there you have it...my must haves. I didn't include paper because that would be an entirely different post.

and before I go...a quick peak at my new business card. It's a do it yourselfer. I still have some older ones that I ordered from MOO, but I wanted something a bit more basic for my etsy packages. This one was printed on my computer, but I already bought the stamp.


PinkPug,INK. said...

love your business card! & most of the stuff in your 'must haves' list are on mine too. :)

Diana said...

Ah you saw my post before I had a chance to link it back to yours (this one). I love how you got your photo so sharp.
Great idea, I will do a part 2 to my essentials.
I can always use these for any workshops I do in the future too.
And I'm sure I've said this already, but I am so excited you're back scrapping! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Hank hendricks said...

love all your business cards...this is what i want to design Metal business cards like this.

Plastic Business cards said...

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