living my best life volume 1

I know that's a weird title. It's all Oprah and uplifting and not really my style...but I do love Oprah.  And who doesn't want to live their best life?

Fridays on the blog are all about me discussing food, my body, and where things are at on my journey to get healthy and...well...live my best life. If you are new to the blog then a few facts right off:

I'm a plus size girl. Not kinda plus size, but most definitely plus size.

I am a lot of things besides a number on a scale.

Weight gain can happen to anyone who neglects themselves for too long.

My issue with food? I love it and I eat way too much of it.

I've dealt with the inside, now it's time to conquer the outside.

For me, discipline is something that happens one minute at a time.

I want to be strong not skinny...but I won't mind if skinny is a byproduct;)

So that's it.
Every Friday I take stock and I thought that I would use this blog as a place to document it.

So what worked and didn't work this week?

Well, I'm still down 10 pounds for March, but I'm soft. I need to kick the exercise part up several notches. I really wanted to work on the eating first, but I found that I had trouble with that this week. Flying by the seat of my pants does NOT work. Planning does. I also skipped a few days in my food journal and found myself slowly spiraling back into old habits. I also see how everything is connected. Not eating well leads to poor sleeping which leads to a feeling of heaviness the next day. That listlessness makes it so HARD to get up and move. On a positive note I'm still only taking the stairs and not the elevator...even when I have a ton of groceries. Baby steps.

Next week's goal:

Plan meals and shop on Sunday
Write in my food journal everyday
Workout 4 days this week
and don't worry about the scale

see you next Friday


Julie Johnson said...

AWESOME!! Love this post and most definitely LOVE your honesty! I am in the same boat as you and working hard to get myself healthier...if weight comes off in the process, all the better!
I will be looking forward to your posts on Friday and keep up the good work!

2 Hearts B 1 Designs said...

Keep it up girlfriend.
One step at a time, One meal at a day, one day at a time. I took on your same motto of taking the stairs.
Tim takes the elevator and I still beat him every time even without trying. So, actually taking the stairs saves time and burns energy. Thinking of you!