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Oh Dear! Well I guess I'm not keeping to my blog plan now am I?  What can I say?

C'est la vie.

In an attempt to rescue this blog from boredom I am including this mid-week mashup in lieu of what was supposed to be here.

Sit tight because this may very well prove to be a long post.

Okay. I'll begin with the weekend recap. The best way to sum it up since I didn't take a single photograph would be semi productive. If K hadn't had to work it would have been first rate. I spent a great deal of time organizing my workspace on Saturday and spent an equal amount of time doing very little on Sunday.

Now on to project Tuesday. I am sadly behind on many projects because of work. The kind that pays. I've got a couple of jobs going right now that require a considerable amount of attention. I'm logging so many computer hours that by evening I'm too tired for extracurriculars. I desperately need to get cracking on one project in particular that involves completing a package that has been "in progress" for MONTHS. I am ashamed to admit how negligent I've been. It is a gift for the kindest person I know and I feel awful that I've let so much time slip by without letting her know how greatly she is appreciated. Ugh...moving on.

Now we are up to speed and since Wednesday is for weblove. Allow me to share a bit.

First some background.

Remember how I mentioned a few paragraphs back that I organized my workspace? Well, in so doing I found a bunch of things I forgot I had. Many of which were of the rubber stamp variety. I adore rubber stamps. I really do. Even though I did a large giveaway last year I seem to have accumulated quite a bit since then. The tragedy? I haven't actually used them. They are sitting pretty in their original packaging just dying for a little ink and purpose. My great hope over the next week...even though I have a deadline looming, is to try and make some stuff. Namely cards since my store of greetings are sadly depleted. I know, I could just buy cards right? But I won't...at least not until I've used some of those stamps. Plus, I'm confident I can make far lovelier cards than I can buy. Ambitious, no?

So right...what am I sharing? The sites I visit when I need some stamping inspiration. If you're not into that? We can just say our goodbyes now. xoxo


Papertrey Ink

Kristina Werner

A Creative Mint (not a stamp site but the best images ever)

Ashley Newell

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