back to regularly scheduled programming

 I admit, that while preparing to reopen the shop, I fell off the normal blog posting that I had promised. Now that things are up and running I can take a deep breath and move on. 

so what's on the docket for today? That would be food. I am currently working toward becoming more healthy, more alert, more energized and I think a lot of that has to do with how I eat. My meals of late have consisted of a lot more natural products and a lot less boxed or packaged foods. Since I work from home and have a pretty forgiving schedule, I knew that cooking my own meals would be important.

This week though has been less than successful. I realized that I would have to plan for when my schedule got more hectic. Sure, it's easy to spend time cutting vegetables, defrosting meat, searching for yummy recipes when you've got a bit of downtime. All of that becomes near impossible with a deadline looming and a virtual shop to open. No complaints of course, I'm happy with my lot, but there sure were a few dinners consisting of very very little. I'm talking a bowl of carrots people. Who has energy to do anything when they don't eat. I found that, at least for me, eating too little is just as damaging as eating too much and if I was going to find that sweet spot in the middle then I would have to learn some balance.

Balance is key. I believe people eat how they live and if their life is unorganized and haphazard, often times so is there eating. I cannot afford that behavior so I have to plan. Not just for the days when I can take my own sweet time preparing a meal, but for the days when all I have time to do is warm something up.

It's all good, I'm still trying hard to listen to my body, and 10 pounds down for the month of March is not a bad start. I'm not expecting as much in April...but who knows? I'm challenging myself.


PinkPug,INK. said...

just wanted to say that your recent posts encouraged me to makeover my blog & start posting regularly. thanks! :)

Anne said...

Congratulations on your March results!

This year we gave subscriptions of Clean Eating magazine {cleaneating.com} to those who'd appreciate it as much as ourselves as gifts. I can't say enough positive about this incredible magazine!

Totally agree... a wee bit of menu planning counts for a lot.