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I received an email today from a thoughtful person who shared a bit of information with me.

"I think I found something being sold that is very much like your__________"

The link she provided confirmed she was right in her assessment.

She then went on to express how badly she felt...probably because it was a larger company and she knew I would be facing an uphill battle in the event I decided to object.

My response. "no problem" as in...it doesn't concern me. Later I was informed by a completely separate party that my response was ambivalent and didn't I want to fight for my art...blah,blah,blah

no, i don't.

I love creating things for my etsy shop. LOVE IT. I make the sort of things I want to use and for me, it's a labor of love.

I don't operate under the presumption that everything I make is original.

I am a collector. I collect what I hear, the images I see, the books I read. It's all information and as such gets filtered and finds it's way into my work. Let's be serious. I base much of my stuff on vintage office and school supplies. I know everything comes from something else

I hope that anyone who sees my work and is tempted to recreate it does a better job than I. I hope that I can do a better job of whatever comes next for me.

I guess that's my deal. I don't worry about the things I've made because they are already done. Who cares if there's something out there that looks eerily like my own...in my mind I am already designing the next thing. I'm already on the move.

This is a great post that sorta mirrors my way of thinking and comes across much more succinctly than my own ramblings.

and to the company who is recreating my work...

You're welcome

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Diana said...

I love your quote. I just posted it as my fb status.
Kinda goes back to what you're saying, doesn't it?
Love your equanimity. I need more of it myself.