no rest for the wicked

you see that pinkish light there on the leftt? That's the EARLY morning view from my living room window...it is a rather nice view with which to wake up, but not so nice  when you're just barely heading to bed. Sleep is a fragile thing in my home. I have issues with sleep that have existed since childhood. I can be an anxious fidgety sort yet, with some effort, manage to come across as relatively calm. When I am overwhelmed sleep becomes even more elusive. Right now there is a lot on my shoulders but it is not my way to tie myself in knots...at least not for very long;)

My way. The way in which i was raised, was to roll my sleeves up and get to work.


Linda said...

Rats! Ordered stuff from your etsy site when my class was gone, and stepped away from the computer when they came back. Just went back to finish payment and 3 of my items are no longer available. :(
any idea when you'll be adding things again?

bananafish said...

oh no. Yes, things are moving really fast...but you can always convo me and I will set up a custom listing just for you:)