helloooo sunshine

yup, that's right the sun is shining in Seattle and it feels like something special. I managed to escape my self imposed work around the clock schedule and headed out for lunch with my guy. Things are swell in the studio right now...I'm working on a bunch of orders so the shop is on hiatus for a little while until I get a handle on everything. I can't complain--May has been going just swimmingly and as I get closer to the 6 month mark I really need to refocus on some goals I made for myself this year.

I don't know if you do that, but right around this time I start thinking about the things I set out to accomplish and determine what still needs work. Right now I'm looking ahead and feeling good.


Adelina said...

seriously, can you believe we actually had sunshine today? just found your blog last week, glad to have found another crafter in Seattle.

Diana said...

I need to do this too, revisit my goals, reassess, refocus.
Hmmm... sounds like the title for a LO.... (lol)

... said...

I am so happy you are creating! Your creations = my enjoyment! Thank you Lord for the PNW sunshine too!