slow your roll

 another words, I'm doing my best to try and relax. Sometimes it seems like my life is either very busy or very boring. There's nothing in the middle. In addition to packing product, putting out small fires (figuratively), meeting deadlines and the mad dash to the post office before it closes...my landlord has decided she has other plans for the condo that has been our home since we moved to Seattle almost two years ago. As a renter and as a person, I'm not particularly sentimental...I actually like to change my immediate environment quite often, but dang lady...gimme a couple months.

No such luck, we get one month, and a week or so. Now...if I was having one of those aforementioned boring spells then the hunt coupled with the prospect of decorating a new space would actually be kinda fun...but I am not in the midst of a boring spell, but rather a busy spell. VERY BUSY to be exact. did the caps convey just how overwhelmed I am?

Thanks goodness for my guy who is taking on a lot of the calling and emailing...but renting is tough in Seattle right now...and we can be picky. HELLO, can a girl get a nice bathroom, sheesh. Note to all future landlords: taking pictures of a place with someone's cruddy stuff is bad...i wanna see it empty ok...like BARE. Plus, what's up with the 2500 sq. feet and one 3x3 bathroom?

The good thing? I'm making progress...soon I will have a new place to live...all my customers will have their packages and the world will right itself...till then...I will just have to soothe myself with bread.

bread photo taken with my iphone at an amazing dinner I enjoyed this past weekend


carrie said...

soothing with bread is never a bad thing. I live in Seattle and understand how tough renting a decent/affordable place can be. I love your shop, and I wish you the best in finding a new home.

bananafish said...

Hi carrie, thanks, that was so sweet. where in seattle do you live?

Crystal said...

Good luck finding a new home! I just wanted to let you know that I am a first time buyer from your store, and I received my order today. I am *SO* happy with everything I ordered. Thank you for producing such fantastic products! I will be ordering from you again!

bananafish said...

thanks soooo much Crystal...it has been tough keeping up and suddenly finding out I have to move, but I have the BEST customers ever and so long as they're happy, I feel just fine:)

kimberly said...

oh no! you are the third person i know facing condo-conversion...one month is NOT enough, but i guess the craziness & stress will be over sooner than later (that's the glass half full in me)! i can't wait for your shop to reopen (no pressure though!)--i just found you via ali edwards and i will be drooling over your SOLD items in the meantime :) good luck with the move!