from the heart of myself

This post is dedicated to Oprah and what she did for chubby smart girls of color-or this chubby smart girl in particular.

The Oprah Winfrey show debuted about about a month before my 13th birthday. Until that day, I had never seen anyone like her on TV.

For all the major moments of my life Oprah was there, in the background....weeping, laughing, praising, advising, getting thin, getting fat, getting thin again.

I know that she is not beloved by everybody...and at times, I've had my own beef with O...the way you would with a friend who gets on your nerves when she tells you what you just don't want to hear. There were times when she got a little too new agey and sometimes I felt like....being so RICH...maybe she just didn't get me anymore...and I wanted to say Hey Oprah,

remember me?

...the chubby smart girl just trying to be happy and confident in her own skin?

But she didn't forget...
she never forgot.

There were days when something she said felt as though it crawled up from my very own soul.

So Oprah...if you're reading this, which I'm sure you are:)

what I know for sure?

You will be missed
by a chubby girl with glasses who is doing all she can to answer the call and live her very best life.


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2 Hearts B 1 Designs said...

Oprah would be proud of you as I am!