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 image from jak&jil via honestly...wtf

so don't laugh at the lame post title...not original, but certainly both cute and fitting.

I think Summer is all about projects...especially since I'm not of fan of sun bathing. My projects this season include finishing a couple crochet blankets, growing some sort of vegetable, completing my move, reading a few books...and making some of these.

 image via honestly...wtf

Yup, I know these babies tend to pop up on the arms of celebrities and such every summer...and I've already seen them on a bunch of blogs the last couple of months...why? Because they're supercute and easy to make. Even though my embroidery floss is all packed up...Thanks to the wonderful tutorial on Honestly...WTF, I will certainly enjoy whipping up a  few to commemorate Summertime, craftiness and that year I spent in the Girl Scouts.

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Superkitina said...

I'm making some bracelets too! I didn't make this since I was 15 and now i'm obsesed with this little crafts! ;)