Petit à petit l'oiseau fait son nid

 A fan of idioms in general, I've always loved this expression in particular. It might mean something entirely different, but to me it always meant...slowly, but surely and that would be a very apt description of my current state of affairs.

Slowly but surely I am unpacking the contents of my life.

Slowly but surely the Studio is coming together.

Slowly but surely I am making a few changes to the Shop.

Slowly but surely things are returning to normal.

It was my intention when I closed the Bananafishstudio shop in June to be aggressive with my schedule and reopen mid July. But...as you well know...the best laid plans do not always come to fruition. I took the above picture a couple hours ago. That means it's current...VERY current. It's impossible to do any work in there while it's in such a state of chaos.

Additionally, I am fine tuning some things on the operation side. I am still not quite satisfied with how I handle volume. Being a company of one, it gets difficult, but I have learned some very valuable lessons and I'm incorporating some new things to ensure the same great quality with speedy ship times. That would be ideal, no?

Next week will find me in Los Angeles. Attending a wedding, taking a roadtrip to northern California and being away from boxes for a little while. Thankfully most of the house is now unpacked:) I wanted to get the shop in order prior to that date but I don't see that happening. All that's left is to accept and move on. Sooooo, I am tentatively setting a reopen date for August 5th. That's a good round number...right?

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the shop to reopen!! Just ran out of some ledger journal cards I ordered from your shop and can't wait to get more!!!!