By way of introduction...

Bananafishstudio has finally made the somewhat tardy foray into the digital realm. I think that for a while I held out on principle...determined to hang on to my beloved paper. Terribly silly I know, but there it is. It wasn't until I started going through my entire product list and realized that there was just much too much. It wasn't any wonder I was having a hard time keeping up. In an effort to be a much more selective shop curator, and trim the list significantly I figured that some of my favorite products could gain new life as digital items...so they never really have to go away.

I give you my first three sets:

Ok, so what exactly is a microscrapper...it sort of sounds like a science experiment. Well, you can thank my science loving husband for the name. I was trying to describe them to him..."they're basically an embellished journal card that you can digitally add your photos to...almost like a mini scrapbook layout." Of course I then had to show him because he still didn't get it. He then responded..."cute, call them microscrappers, because it's like microscrapbooking" I thought that was cute...so there you go.
Below you will find a video tutorial demonstrating how I use these little cards myself.

Simple Sayings Digital Stamps
I refer to this set as stamps because you can use them similar to how you would use a stamp, but they're way better in my opinion:) In addition to a PDF file that you can just print out if you can't be bothered with Photoshop, I also include all the customizable PNG files. You get all the little stamps with the sayings and without. I even included a graph backed journal card. These are a big favorite of mine...I especially love using them on traditional scrapbook layouts.

Daily Tabs
I find these little tabs to be super useful and I find myself attaching them to everythingThe set includes PNG files Monday through Sunday tabs as well a blank tab that you can customize with your own color and text like I did with the tab on the above layout. I also added the full printable PDF set for those of you who prefer just printing and cutting your cards out.

The whole point with each one of these sets is really just to give you options. I included everything I would want myself. Something I could customize, something I could just print and a really simple journal card as a great foundation for creativity.

*the layout above was made using a variety of digital kits.
background-Paislee Press
little tape strip-Pugly Pixel
patterned paper-Paislee Press
date label-Paislee Press
white distressed border-Karla Dudley
border stitching-Anna Aspnes


elizabeth rosemond said...

Fantastic!!! I can't wait to get my hands on some. Seems like an excellent business decision, too :)

listgirl said...

Yay, France! I'm a digi/hybrid girl and I could not be happier that you are offering some of your products as digital! I still do love your paper products too, but I keep buying and hoarding those and not use them, LOL. Yay for digi!

Anonymous said...

LOVE!!! Just perfect for "Project Life" albums! BTW also love the name, great choice!

Diana said...

I'm not a digi scrapper at all but these are all lovely.
And I love the term "microscrapbooking". Hurry and register it!

rhonda said...

I am also not a digi gal but these are wonderful and I hope you might consider them in paper form! I really love the daily tabs!

Tina said...

microscrappers...made me smile.

KarynS said...

LOVE the new digital products. I'm a hybrid scrapper so love that I can have some of your awesome product for playing & printing at home. Also fantastic to see the shop up & running again.

Banu said...

Loved these new digi products. Microscrapping sounds like lots of fun.

KAREN said...

Love these products. How do I receive them after purchase? Will you send me a link?

Diana said...

I just bought a set! Yayyyyy! So excited.