I'd do it again

I'm one of those people that got married on Valentine's Day. It also happened to be a Monday. Keith and I took off...along with our immediate families, and got hitched in San Francisco. It was an amazing day...even though I left my camera in a taxi.

Today's our sixth anniversary and last night before we went to bed I said..."yeah, I'd do it again", and he said "me too." That just about sums us up.

Incidentally, I know the photo up top is blurry...but it's real. I look like myself and I look really happy.


rhonda said...

Happy Anniversary!

Sarabeth said...

beautiful. i love the pic-you are definitely beaming :)

happy anniversary and happy valentines day-they perfect day for you both :)


Kelly in Canada said...

you look beautiful and what a feeling. i would do it again with my husband as well.

Li said...

You still look just as amazing and happy as you were that day!

Tina said...

that's sweet and sounds just like our wedding. the only decent photo i have was taken with a disposable camera. happy anniversary!

Diana said...

you are beautiful!
how sweet that you married on V Day. At least the day is truly meaningful to you now.