i believe i can fly...?

I know that's kind of a lame title, but there you have it.

I once read a book that said you should be terrified of failure...that fear drives success. I'm no expert, but I think joy drives success. I certainly don't want to fail...but I'm not scared of it. I think I got that from my mom and have noticed similar behavior in my siblings. We are a figure it out when we get there kind of family. Maybe that's because we believe in ourselves, or maybe that's because we believe so deeply in each other.

I'm making a few changes to the shop. They can most accurately be described as tweaks.

The last few updates have left many folks in the dust and only the fastest among you have managed to snag some Bananafishstudio products. Some thought this was all part of some calculated marketing strategy.

Really? Strategy?

My only strategy is to sell stuff I make and what I took away from the whole thing is that I have to make more stuff to sell. Brilliant, no?

I've been doing this thing like a timid little bird. Afraid to make too much, because, "what if people don't like it and I'm stuck with a million milkcaps." My husband has heard this over and over again the last several days and finally he said..."so what?" "We'll figure it out when we get there"

I think that's exactly what I needed to hear.

April 4, 2012...new exclusive Bananafishstudio rubberstamps and 1 million milkcaps.

see you there:)


Kristin said...

Such exciting news!!

rhonda nickol said...

I am hoping to get 1 of each of your stamps! Love everything made by you France and I wish you nothing but happiness and success in all your endeavors!

chemgirl said...

I hope you're making a million stamps, too!!! No pressure. :)

Susan said...

Yay! Can't Wait!!

Marie Tere said...

It's another date...see you then....tere

Samantha said...

Sounds great! I was lucky enough to grab a few of your treasures this last round, but believe you-me, it was no easy feat! I'm very excited for your new stamps. I think they'll be great! See you April 4th. It's a date!

Kelly in Canada said...

yay! your things are so very lovely that i am sure a million of each might just maybe (but maybe not) be enough! i am writing stamp day on my calendar and, i agree with 'chemgirl'; hoping for buckets and buckets full of stamps! thanks for doing what you do, france.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you'll be stuck with a million of anything... you will probably be making more!!

The6ofusinca said...

Ding Dang! I just came across your blog/store and everything I wanted was sold out! Your gifted, creative and ya got what peeps want! :O)

"so what?" "We'll figure it out when we get there" .....I think that sayin should be on a milkcap!!!
Hope to grab a package of goodies from you soon!
Blessings Always,