April Shop News

I will be updating the Bananafishstudio shop on Wednesday, the 4th of April. This update will include the long awaited and oft mentioned custom rubber stamps. I'm really excited about these stamps as they represent my love of simple icon based design. This will probably be my final update until Summer-when I plan on releasing a few new somewhat seasonal items.

This update also brings with it a few changes. My practice is change as much as you need to to get it right. Currently, some things are quite right while others...not so much.

Let's face it, the "one day" shop is not really working. The restock...the hour when people struggle to buy stuff, the frustration and the sell out. This all happens in the space of about an hour. It seems silly to have a shop if you only have enough product for 1 hour every two weeks or so.

Ever since my switch to Big Cartel and the realization that I had both underestimated my abilities as well as product demand...I got working on a solution. It has taken a lot of time, but I have completely overhauled things...not the functionality of the site, but my own personal functionality. As much as I love design, I found myself getting bogged down by the minutia of running a business. As much as I tried to tweak things, I found myself consistently falling behind. That's when I realized I needed to work from the ground up. My foundation was wobbly and inherently unsustainable...so I changed it.

I never expected to be a big shop or a popular one. And, while I'm still not big or even that popular, there's a group of incredibly loyal and kind customers who have sought me and my products out. They deserve a shop that is well run...and so do I, because I work my ass off. I really do.

So...enough with the ramble, here's what's new:

The restock will be deep. I mean there's a LOT. Some things more than others.

For the time being, I won't take any custom requests based on sold out inventory. It was just taking me far too long to fill those orders.

If a particular item sells out it will be restocked within a week.
It doesn't seem like much, but it frees me up in a way you cannot imagine.

It frees me up to design.
to work on my personal projects
to write more on this blog
to get outside and enjoy the Springtime
to exercise
and to be an all around more creative person.

How's that for an update!

FYI: There will not be any Graphic Chips in this update...believe it or not, I make those suckers with my own two little hands and they take a bit of time. I didn't expect how popular they would be so I need a bit more time to rebuild the inventory as I wait on additional supplies. I'll let you know when they are available:)


ClaireTet said...

I am really excited about the new release but even more so that you are finding some balance. Your mad skills are a blessing but there is no joy in being stressed and pressured by your own talent. I hope you get to enjoy the Spring.

Crystal said...

I'm really excited to hear about your upcoming changes. I am definitely one of those customers who loves your product, but always miss the hour that product is available. Thank you for putting in the time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears to make your shop so great.

Kelly in Canada said...

i think it is absolutely brilliant that you continue to tweak things not only to make the whole experience better for your customers but also for yourself. and, here's to personal projects, creativity and, well, exercise! no stress allowed.

rhonda nickol said...

I for one think you are wonderful and always do right by us consumers! I am lucky in getting to use your talent and hard work in my projects! Looking forward to tomorrow and no stress!

Kelly in Canada said...

just dropping in to say i just placed a wee order and i am so impressed with your stamps. i just couldn't wait to tell you that. would have liked to purchase each and every one of them but i did manage to find my favourites and will shop for the others another day. thank you, france.

Christina C. said...

Coming out of lurkertown to say that I love what you've done, what you've said about it and the way you are handling everything. I hope you do really well, and I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on some of your awesome stamps.
Hope you are doing well. Happy Spring!