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 Many of you purchased stamps today and for that I am giddy beyond belief.  I LOVE stamps...if you were to peruse my blog you would find many a post devoted to this love.  The creation of these stamps, although quite simple,  took a bit of time and a LOT of research. I don't have a manufacturing company or anything like that. I work with an independently owned business to create these wonderful red rubber laser cut stamps.

Many custom designed stamps are expensive-often costing anywhere from 10-20 dollars and sometimes more. Often it is worth it to obtain unique designs and excellent craftsmanship. But I wanted my stamps to be something available to many...something in which I myself would not hesitate to indulge. I have tested these stamps over and over and have been perfectly happy...I hope you will be too:)

So here are the details:

each stamp will include the laser cut unmounted rubber and an appropriately sized piece of EZ Mount cling foam. The EZ mount will allow you to transform your stamp into a cling stamp that will adhere to any acrylic block with ease.

The rubber will be clean when you receive it. You can either trim your foam ahead of time or adhere it to your rubber first and then cut away any excess. You will begin by removing the liner with the EZ Mount text on it. This will reveal a VERY sticky surface upon which you will lay your rubber. Use care because it will be very difficult to lift if you place it improperly.

 Once you have trimmed and adhered foam to rubber...you will then remove the plain white liner on the flip side. This will reveal a smooth surface which adheres nicely to acrylic.

 These stamps give you the excellent quality of rubber with the function and ease of a cling mount.

Now stamp away:)

Please Note: It is not recommended that you store any of your EZMount Stamps on Acetate Sheets. Acetate is made with chemicals that will react with EZMount and any other cling cushion type product, making an almost permanent bond between it and the cling.


rhonda nickol said...

I am one happy girl France and I can't wait to use them in my projects! I actually ended up with 3 checkouts(kind of afraid things were going to sell out) your products are that popular!

EliseBlaha said...

love your stuff so much. just picked up some cute tabs. was very excited to see a shop update.

brianne said...

i'm so excited for my new stamp collection!

Sherry Eckblad said...

I really want the camera stamp along with a few others but it says coming soon. Can you notify me when as I want to place only one order.
seckblad at aol dot com

Maegan said...

I was so, so happy to get my stamps and tabs last week. I love them!