hello again

yeah, it's been a while.

Over the past several weeks I've written about four different blog posts and upon rereading they all seemed terribly repetitive and a bit tiresome and/or complainey. Perhaps I just needed to write things down...things that weren't exactly for public consumption. I often read blogs that seem to skim the surface...bright, shiny, happy blogs, and I like them. I like that the writer manages to set aside the muck and concentrate on the good stuff. I, on the other hand,  need to wade through it...but I certainly don't need to take you along for the ride. That just wouldn't be nice.

Now for a bit of shop talk:

Orders are now completely up to date. EEK! I know some of my international friends may still be waiting, but it shouldn't be very much longer. The stamp explosion...as I like to call it, was unprecedented for my little shop. I am expecting the second batch of stamps any day now and things will be handled a bit differently on my end.

I will most likely be updating the shop early next month. That update will mostly consist of restocking sold out items. I can't commit to a date yet since I refuse to do it until every single stamp has been cut down and packaged...that took FOREVER last time and I won't repeat that mistake. I will also be changing my shipping to a flat rate for both domestic and international packages. It will make things a bit more affordable and require less figuring on my end.

Just a note, if you have questions or issues or ideas or what have you concerning the shop...please email me. The good and the bad. If you think things just take way too long...email me. If you don't like how something is packaged...let me know. If you thought something was going to look differently...tell me. If you just want to say "hey france, I love your stuff...that works too. I am very receptive and would love to hear from you.

Now for a bit of me talk:

May is a catch-up month for me. There are quite a few projects that have been left untouched and I want to revisit them. I want to hang out in my garden and read for a spell. I am designing some new things but they aren't ready yet. I am putting together a Project Life post that might resemble your own PL experience...if you have waited until May to start and can't hardly remember what happened in January. But, that's life right? I am calling it Project MY Life...and it's a bit behind, and not quite finished...just like the real thing.


rhonda nickol said...

Well France I for one loved your stamps and I can't wait till you have some new items, take time to read and enjoy outside, life is beautiful!

sbookinshay29 said...

LOVE the stamps, can't wait til I can order more, because WHO was I kidding, I should've just ordered them all in the first place, thanks France for everything you do!!! On a crafty mission today, off to go use your amazing stamps on my own PL, don't worry, PL is whateverrr you want it to be LOL

Diana said...

I call my take on PL "my {homemade version} Project Life" because I didn't buy any of the official supplies and I'm just really copying the concept and sort of following the layout of the pages but without the divided page protectors. And I am LOVING it!

Kathy said...

I'm loving the stamps too- eagerly awaiting my 3rd order. I LOVE the size- perfect!! Can't wait to se what youve got up your sleeve next :)

Kimberly said...

Ugh...I'm so behind on project life...I think I might just do 1 pic/week I've missed & hope I can catch up & keep up. Your products help me want to dive back in!

mcd4jc said...

Loved everything! Can't wait to use all of it in my "Project My Life", I've been doing mine in bits & spurts, technically way behind...but I'm not worried about it. It will be done in a way that fit's my life, just not every single day documented (honestly, my life isn't full of enough activities to document every single day!!). For us local Seattle folk, will are shipping go up? Thanks again for all of the beautiful goodies...they are my daughter & I's faves!

Bonita Rose said...

I'm looking forward to reading your PL post... read mine fr today below.. I just started today.. better late than never! Sighs... no guilt. No shame. xo hugs
I can't wait till u restock some of your stamps.. i want some!
see my blog post below: