July has been sorta kinda kicking my ass.

so has my puppy for that matter.

Sometimes when he's barking in my face I think to myself...maybe getting a puppy wasn't such a great idea. I have my little brother's wedding invitations to complete,  the shop to update, and well,  sleep...it would be nice to just get some sleep.

As the work from home person in my tiny family, the primary care of the pup has fallen on me. My guy really tries to help, he absolutely does his part, but we both agree, puppy ownership is exhausting and there really won't be much relief for a while.

Sadly, this means my little shop is on the proverbial back burner. I must admit, after seeing some of the amazing CHA goodness, I started wondering if perhaps I needn't bother with an update. I mean there will be a plethora of crafty goodness hitting the shops soon enough. Does the paper loving community really need more?

I dunno.

What I do know is that indie paper shops are an important part of the craft community. I know that as an individual who isn't making a ton of cash from this little endeavor,  it is an absolute labour of love. I know that because of my business model I can sometimes afford to take risks and gamble on myself. I know that this world of crafty little shop owners that I'm proud to be a part of represent a diverse group of talented women who inspire and push me everyday. I know that despite the lack of resources, design team and regular collections...people seem to dig the fact that on most days I'm just a chick with a laptop doing what I love.

Sometimes focusing on the ordinary reveals something truly extraordinary.

And of course there's you. The story begins and ends right there.

So what does this have to do with the above picture?

I'm giving myself a break. A break from stressing about the dog and the shop and the laundry. In about two weeks I'm hitching a ride with my husband as he embarks on an amazing adventure that will take him to Istanbul, Turkey, Santorini, and Athens. How's that for a business trip?


Annette said...

Enjoy your break, it sounds like that's exactly what you need! I hope you do continue to create products. I just finished my 2011 December Daily using quite a bit of your kit and I loved it. You are most definitely needed! Take care!

rhonda nickol said...

France have a wonderful time on your amazing trip! Enjoy life and your new puppy and I will always buy from you! I love your stuff and I hope you keep creating, you are amazing at what you do!

Kelly in Canada said...

oh france...how lovely! i am feeling a wee bit of envy and a whole lot of 'you go girl!.' have a fabulous trip and remember that whatever else is available out there (and yes, some of it is lovely) there is only one bananafish studio and you are always at the top of my list.

Jeani said...

Enjoy your getaway! How exciting (and relaxing!!) I'm so looking forward to your stamp update . . .I've got about 7 of them on my list to order as soon as they are available - no worries . . . you have customers waiting!

Colleen Warren said...

Go on "Captain Ted's Catmaran Trip" in Santorini!!! Best time we had on our honeymoon (we even went again the following day after we first did it). Have an amazing trip! Love all your work and hope to see more of it someday!!


Xo Colleen

2 Hearts B 1 Designs said...

Awesome Girlfriend. Enjoy! I am jealous. Your husband's lucky to have such a sidekick beside him! Take lots of pics. Can't wait to see!