on moving

a tomato that i did not plant but did tend...a little bit

No, no, I'm not moving again, but every once in a while I get that familiar feeling.
The one where I just want to pick up and go somewhere new.

Wanderlust. That's what the poetic call it. An inability to settle down or commit. That's what some call it as well.

I guess I've felt unsettled lately. My life schedule is undergoing a bit of a change. I am having to adjust myself to a different routine and while I initially did so with a bit of a pout, I am now all in.

What does this have to do with moving?

Well, what I love about moving is the starting over. The eliminating of the superfluous. The tidy row of boxes. The way each room comes together. The way everything ends and begins again with a nice big cleaning.

How does one recreate this scenario when one isn't moving anywhere?

I am heavily influenced by my surroundings and right now my immediate environment leaves a bit to be desired. I live in a rental so, although my landlord has given us a great deal of freedom, I have to deal with things that plague my very soul. Don't laugh, but yes...the greenish bluish wall to wall carpet occasionally makes me want to gag it offends my sensibilities that much.

Ok. enough bellyaching. I am happy and blessed to have a home to hang my hat. But I want this home to reflect my joy in this quiet life I'm living and right now it does NOT. I am the only one who can fix that, so...

operation Pretend Like We're Moving shall commence.

It's a little late for spring cleaning, but while the weather remains decidedly springlike...who cares. I will eliminate and pare down. I will sell or donate, I will be ruthless and not the least bit sentimental. I will scour and scrub. I will recycle and find ways to repurpose. I will do this while exercising my body and my soul. I will find a design solution for my downstairs master bedroom despite the awful wood paneling. I will suck it up and get over the greenish bluish carpet in my living room and focus on the beautiful garden I am lucky to have. I will hole up in my studio and give it a good clean so I feel like making stuff again.

And I'll take pictures with my fancy new camera on auto because I don't know how to use manual. Shall I do before shots? I feel a bit embarrassed as the state of things are sorta kinda awful. Ok, I will. This will be so good for me and it gives me a chance to really put my one little word to use.

it's time to ACT.


Tina said...

I understand your feeling completely. I've always felt this way...maybe it's the military kid in me but I almost never feel settled and I do actually own a home. It's still not decorated completely, walls are still bare after almost 10 years here. I always felt we would be moving on, still do. I don't want to say it's a negative feeling. I don't hate my home, I'm grateful. Maybe I just don't like the feeling of anything permanent, who knows. But it's always there. I like your idea though. I've been thinking about doing some painting before the summer ends...that may help alleviate the feeling for now.

Emily Kinsaul said...

I had to laugh when I read about your carpet. I have the same issue with things that my eyes find unappealing. My husband and I have only lived in rentals and there's always that "one thing" you wish you could change. I'm loving your approach on how your dealing with your wanderlust. Thanks for sharing!