back to life

okay. my vacation was the SHIT. I keep telling people that I cannot properly articulate how exquisitely wonderful it was...but that word works. I feel like I need to do an entire post just on the sunrises and sunsets alone.

In my absence, I let some stuff go.

Can I tell you guys the truth?
i miss making stuff. not for other people...not product, but stuff for myself.

you know how people say "go big or go home?" 

why are those the only options?

Before I left I was soooo on edge. Raising a brand new puppy was leaving me little time for anything else. I was feeling resentful that my husband got to go to work everyday and I was left at home to squeeze a minute here and there for myself and my work. I didn't know how to make it work without sticking my pup in a crate downstairs and just popping in some earplugs. Uhm welcome to guilt city...no way could I do that.

After dissolving into tears...my husband asked me what I wanted. Funny...I never asked myself that question. It felt loaded. Did I want to just close the shop for a bit and focus on design clients...or did I want to stop taking clients and just be a dog mom.  All I really know is I'm pushing 40 and I feel like all things are possible. Now is the time in my life when I have both the energy and resources to try a lot of things.

So here's the deal.

I'm not going big...but, I'm not going home either.
My plans for the shop are simple. I want to produce well designed product when inspiration strikes. It won't be a lot and it may be sporadic. It will be something I love and not something I forced.  Bananafishstudio was always meant to function like a boutique and not a superstore.

This not going big means that perhaps I can go wide instead. I can cast my net in many directions and see what amazing things I catch. 

Thanks for joining me on this journey. Once I empty my memory card I will share a few more vacation pics and take a few of the new products I've got coming. I'm thinking late August,  early September. I've got wedding invitations on the front burner.


Kelly in Canada said...

that photo alone speaks volumes! so glad you had an exquisite vacation. glad you are back.

rhonda nickol said...

What a beautiful picture, so glad you had a wonderful vacation! Looking forward to whatever you have for us in the future!

Diana said...

totally feeling you.
I just read this yesterday and thought I'd share it with you http://www.virgin.com/entrepreneur/blog/rewrite-your-dreams

Sammy said...

that picture looks amazing!!

Josee Asselin said...

I can understand so much what your feeling... getting overwhelmed brought me to lazzyness and no taste for nothing and that's hard to get over with... But when you're back, life seem so nice! Welcome back from your vacation! take it easy!!! And I'll be the first one to buy your new stamps in your small but cute boutique! Love your work and do only what you love!!! :)

Amy said...

I so understand where you are coming from. I'm working full time right now and going to school 3/4 time at night and even though i thought/think i want the result that school will bring me.....i'm just feeling overwhelmed.

rmeyfe said...

Just wanted to say hello, I found your shop from a friend who said you had some cute stamps she thought I would want to check out. I read this post and just wanted to let you know you aren't alone. I feel the same way all the time! Good luck and enjoy life!