Doesn't September feel like the perfect time to begin again? Even as an adult, I don't think I've quite gotten over the desire to return to something structured. Far beyond the Catholic school girl I once was,  I still feel a bit of longing as the mornings grow cooler and the days shorter.

 Happily, the shop is the benefactor of my Autumnal energy and I have a new update for you. It is a small one since I am planning another Holiday update next month. As the shop evolves,  I become increasingly interested in designing products that are both visually pleasing and functional. I am a crafter first, and it has always been my goal to avoid the superfluous and make things that can easily mesh with the tools and products you already own.  That said, I really enjoyed focusing on embellishment based paper products featuring my favorite icons and simple usable expressions. The result? A few new things that I don't just love, but love using over and over again. I hope you will too.

Now how about some sneaks?

 Yes. I did decide to do a few more stamps...so in a addition to restocking all of the old designs, I am introducing the "Icon Collection." Really, it's just a set of icon based stamps that I've really wanted to make for a long time. I adore icons. If you were to come across some of my old product you would notice that they have been a part of my work since the very beginning. Maybe it's the graphic designer in me, but I have a deep appreciation for simple images capable of communicating a universal message. Plus they are just super cute! My favorite part? They were designed to work perfectly with a 1" circle punch. Yay! Instant embellishment:) I threw in a couple expression stamps for good measure...and that calendar stamp that's small enough to fit perfectly on a 3x4 journal card.

Cousin to the Everyday Clips...these Mini Clips are going to be a recurring product. They give me a chance to play with color combinations and trends while providing modern clip and stick embellishments. I plan on doing a variety of these as well as a label and expression version.

These expression flaps are a well loved item in my crafting. I've used them on just about everything. They are small and fit perfectly around a photograph as well. I just love the simplicity, the pop of color, and the little notch. I especially love that they are neutral enough that I can use them with multiple manufacturers and they fit right in. The back of the flap is a tiny little area perfect for those itty bitty stamps we never really know how to use:)

 When I came up with the Daily Flaps...I was really concentrating on function. So many of us have tons of journal cards in our stash thanks to Project Life...so , I didn't just want to make another journal card with the days of the week. I wanted something that I could use on any card, photo, or piece of patterned paper with which I chose to work. Something that would be as great in a minibook as it would on a layout. These simple neutral flaps fit the bill.

Function is great...but doesn't work if it isn't pretty cute too:)  These Graphic Flaps are similar to the Icon Flaps but a bit more dressed up. Like the others, the images are different orientations so they can be used as either a top flap or on the side. They can also be easily cut apart to be used on separate projects. Once again, the modern color palette means that these embellishments can be seamlessly paired with some of your favorite patterned papers.

Now you KNOW, I can't seem to complete an update without some numbers...and these are among my favorite ever. A little vintage, a little modern...very office supply looking. I may just have to do them in a few different colors.

And finally...the Graphic Tins...previously known as the Graphic Chips. I released a limited amount of these several updates ago and drastically underestimated their popularity. The chips were somewhat ill fated. They were adorbs, but super labor intensive and once I blew my stash of 1" round chipboard pieces I found that my supplier was no longer carrying them. I searched high and low for replacements but the quality was terrible. I just knew that I couldn't keep making them by hand and continue to charge a decent price. I decided to wait a bit and see if I could somehow redesign them. As a papercrafter I always loved the tin badges that have been around in some form or another for quite a while. At first I thought to avoid making them...I mean, they're everywhere...and then thought why not. I have the supplies...so I went for it and VoilĂ ! The Graphic chips have become Graphic Tins...and it may be argued...a cuter version.


Annette said...

Love it all but my favorites are the daily flaps and the Graphic Tins! So excited to get those!

chemgirl said...

Love so many of these items! I can't wait to see what you come up with for Christmas!!!! :)

Laura O'Donnell said...

loving the peeks, esp the stamps!

Kelly in Canada said...

well, france, i wish you had a 'want it all' button at big cartel because, as always, i would love to have each and every thing that you make. always.
also, i am so happy to hear that you think of this time (back to school time) as the beginning of the new year (so to speak!). i even purchase my new calendar at this time of year. i love autumn and all it brings and it is, for me, the beginning of the new year as well.

NeeNee said...

These look awesome! Can't wait!

sbookinshay29 said...

Can I just say that the timing of this could NOT be better? I have had a not so wonderful weekend, but seeing the sneaks for a shop update is the scrappy goodness I was looking to cure me :] Cannot wait!

rhonda nickol said...

Oh France I am so excited! I LOVE your stuff and can't wait to buy all of it!

Julie Bonner said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous - can't wait to shop it up on the 28th!!!

AbbyS said...

Everything looks awesome!!! I always miss out on when new items come out -- this time, I'm looking out for the 28th!!! Yay!!