Don't call it a comeback

Ok... that's exactly what you can call it.

I've been asked several times over the last few weeks whether I intend to sell holiday items in the Shop. While my response to this has been decidedly in the affirmative, I've been vague about the what and when...possibly because I'm still a bit unsure myself.

I adore Christmastime, but after last year I knew that the shop couldn't get top billing again. I mean...my entire family came to visit me last Thanksgiving and I put them to work...I even had my 8 year old nephew packaging things. It was fun for them, but super stressful for me. People had to wait FOR-ever for the stuff and my holiday crafting was completely swallowed up.

The sweetness came afterwards.

My family's awe at how hard I work and how much I cared about each and every person who bought something from me. Seeing bits of Bananafishstudio popping up in all sorts of holiday projects. Oh yes...that was the cream.

This year I want to participate in the joy of Christmas. I will be home with my guy and my pup and I want to record that and enjoy it.

All this brings me back to the point...my intentions for the Studio this upcoming season.

I've decided to keep doing what I'm doing. Smaller restocks and minimal new designs. I don't want anything to feel forced. There's already so many beautiful paper products out there and if I can't contribute something that I think is lovely and useful, well, then I won't.

My plan is to re-release an updated version of the December Daily Accessories Kit-a perfectly well priced addition to the supplies you already own and a delightful way to get some new holiday notions while still using YOUR things. If you are not familiar with my minibook accessory kits, it is just that. Accessories. The bits and baubles that are sweet and simple and can tie an entire ensemble together. I typically include an assortment of envelopes in different sizes, filler pages and journal pages designed by myself, labels, paper embellishments, numbers...and more. This year I will include tins, an exclusive stamp, flaps + tabs and a digital print&cut component. Everything is done in neutral and trend conscious colors so that they will blend nicely with a wide array of products.

This little kit is truly one of my favorites. It is wonderful to get a brown paper package tied up with string:)

Some other things I'm planning: new Holiday tins, a bonus release of 2010 & 2011 Holiday Milkcaps,
some quote flaps, graphic flaps and miniclips. I also intend to release some past holiday journal cards and number sets digitally.  So there you have it...here's hoping I get my act together by the first week of November.


Lexi said...

you = awesome.
That is all.

The Picinic Basket said...

Oh yay! How awesome! Especially the stamp!

rhonda nickol said...

France thanks so much for doing this my Dec. projects would not be complete without some of your items! I can't wait so excited for your Christmas release!

Kelly in Canada said...

i cannot wait to see the accessories kit. i totally missed each of the recent shop updates :( so i am really hoping to be here next time. whatever you manage will be amazing, i have no doubt whatsoever but i do hope you will have time to enjoy and record your own december memories rather than just helping us with ours!

Jen D said...

I can't wait for that- so excited! Yours are always my favorite bits to add to my Dec Daily & project life! Can I place a pre-order??? ;)

Marie Tere said...

I.AM.SO.EXCITED!!! I'm checking you daily, no pressure, no pressure. Love your stuff!

Colleen W. said...

Is this still happening? Hope so!!!

Colleen W. said...

Hoping this is still happening?! Would love to document Xmas with lots of bananafish goodies!